Since its establishment, the Confederation of Persons with Disabilities has organized campaigns to improve the rights of people with disabilities and protect the benefits. Campaigns, which are an effective advocacy tool, strengthened their communication with the Confederation’s base and increased the pressure on decision-makers. A few examples of campaigns carried out:

  • An information campaign was launched on September 12, 2010 due to the misleading positive discrimination against the new Constitutional amendment submitted to the referendum and the state guardianship to be established on the administrative judiciary, which is the main guarantee of the rights of the disabled.


  • A campaign was launched to amend laws 2022 and 2828. The demand of the campaign was that the income of the disabled should be determined as a criterion instead of calculating the income per person in the household while determining the maintenance fee and the needness pension. The campaign launched in the beginning of 2019, press releases, the signature campaign carried out on, “One Word is Enough! Worth the Life of the Disabled! ” It was continued with visuals and lobbying activities published with the slogan. During this period, three press conferences on the campaign were held, e-mails containing the request of the campaign were sent to all deputies and 78.080 signatures were collected. Signatures were handed over to Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family and Social Services, on 18 September 2019, and the amendment was requested as soon as possible. Demands were repeated in the Parliament visits with 200 people on 3 December 2019. 703,500 accesses were provided with 212 visual materials shared on social media.


  • Since 2004, with a change in the SCT Law No. 4760, disabled people and disabled people have not paid special consumption tax and magazine for motor vehicles for the vehicles they have purchased up to 1600 cm3 of engine power. However, in 2017, the government envisaged a restriction on the amendment of the tax-free price of vehicles for immune vehicles from SCT and MTV with a amendment to the law within the framework of the austerity measures in 2017. The Confederation, along with many disabled organizations, reacted to the new legal regulation, starting with the necessity that the equipped vehicles used by the physically disabled people should have the capacity to put their wheelchairs, and to install a lift system for the severely disabled, and launched a signature campaign on As a result of the lobbying activities carried out, the agreement on the tax-free price of immune vehicles from the SCT is 90 thousand Turkish Liras, the removal of the motor power limitation, the revaluation rate in the Tax Procedure Law no. provided.


  • A campaign for mayor candidates was organized before the local elections in 2019. The campaign envisaged the presidential candidates to sign the Accessible City Protocol prepared by the Confederation of the Disabled, thereby embodying the will to take steps for the accessibility of urban services. 72 mayor candidates participated in the campaign and signed the protocol and received the Core Candidate certificate. 57 of them were men and 15 were women. 28 of 72 candidates who signed the protocol won the local elections and became the mayor.